A Silver Medal Ain't Bad



Actually, it is.

Being happy is winning.

Being satisfied is winning.

Being nice to your significant other is winning.

I was reading the other day when I saw the words.

Solid work doesn’t always win first place, but it’s always rewarding.

And I thought to myself…

You know, a silver medal isn’t that bad

If you’re an athlete.

You train for years to achieve your best.

You finally make it to the big leagues only to finish in 2nd place.

But the journey.

What about the journey?

The experience.

What about the experience?

The knowledge.

What about the knowledge?

All of these things define us.

All of these things bring a richness to our lives.

2nd place is winning

Maybe not the gold medal sort of winning.

But knowing that you’re one of the best at what you do.

Inspires confidence.

It’s a doorway to a life well lived.

Run the race.

You don’t have to win to win.