Going From Unmanaged To Managed Tech


Going from an unmanaged tech environment to a managed one can be challenging.

One of the biggest challenges that people face when making the change to managed tech is tempering their DIY behaviors.

We’re so used to watching do it yourself TV shows, learning things on YouTube, and tinkering.

And that’s all good.

But there’s a downside.

And that is.

We begin to associate DIY behaviors into other things, like your business.

But managed tech doesn’t work like that

For example.

In an unmanaged environment, people more or less, take care of their own computers.

They are fully responsible for their stuff.

This would mean that each person is responsible for making sure their computer and tech is patched, secured, and backed up.

BTW - Your tech needs care a feeding.

So it should come as no surprise, that in an unmanaged tech environment…

This rarely happens.

Contrast it to a managed environment

In a managed tech environment.

Things are set up in such a way that the basics like patching, security, and backups just happen.

It’s that simple.

And so, as a result, managed environments will have higher uptime and more productive workers.


But there’s a price to pay when growing up.

Going from unmanaged to managed tech will require your current environment to change.

And for certain people in your organization.

This change will not be a welcome event.

They like the freedom of being able to do whatever they want with the computer you provided to them.

And so in spite of your best efforts.

They’ll resist the change.

They’ll complain.

And in certain cases, they may even sabotage your effort to become managed.

Growing up can be hard

Getting the tech right in your business can be a challenge for some organizations.

The job of a good IT company is to make sure that the transition from unmanaged to managed is as smooth as possible.

In some cases, it won’t work.

If the company leadership and culture is not one that embraces change.

The chance of success diminishes.

It just does.

If you have to force a pill down somebody’s throat to make them get better they won’t like it.

And likely, they won’t get better.

So yeah, change hurts sometimes

But talk to any business that has their tech in order and they’ll tell you how great things can be.

Look at any successful business and you’ll see for yourself.

Their tech is in order.

The promised land awaits.

Get your tech right.