What's With The Server?

A server in the office is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

I’m currently helping a couple of clients with their tech roadmaps.

Both businesses are 100% laptop based.

Meaning that they give all of their employees laptops.

Instead of desktops.

It’s a cool way to go.

As more and more businesses move to all laptop environments their requirements change.

The added mobility along with the use of cloud services for email, data, and applications, has created a shift in the traditional approach of installing a server at the office.

Enter the thought…

If everyone is using laptops and accessing services in the cloud—wouldn’t it make sense to put directory services and environment controls in the cloud as well?

And so that is exactly what we’re doing.

We’re going all in on cloud.

The shift from a traditional workplace to a modern office is happening everywhere.

Granted adoption has been a little slow as people tend to hold on to the past.

But the technology is there now and many businesses have adopted directory services in the cloud.

The ability to work anyplace, anytime, anywhere is awesome.

The ability to manage a tech environment from the cloud provides all sorts of benefits that enhance your reliability, recoverability, security, and productivity for your business.

Think about it.

What’s with the server in your office?

Do you still need it?