Sometimes You Gotta Zoom Out To Zoom In


Yesterday I was helping out on a technical issue for one of our clients.

It was, what we like to call...

An intermittent problem.

Things would work fine for a while and then all of a sudden.

They wouldn’t.

Someone might call in and report a problem.

We’d call them back.

And then as fate would have it.

There would be no problem.

It’s kind of hard to fix something that isn’t there

This problem went on for a few weeks and then last night we caught it in the act.


We still didn’t know what it was.

But we now knew where it was happening.

And we had isolated the issue down to 2 devices.

In an environment with over 1,000 devices that’s pretty good.

We drilled down into the 2 devices in question but the issue was still elusive.

I decided to zoom out and look at the environment as a whole.

I started at the top and looked around.

I few steps in and there it was.

The problem, in all its glory.

A setting was set wrong on both devices.

It’s was a small setting,

A setting that allows things to work most of the time.

But not all of the time.

I adjusted the setting on both devices and voila!

The problem was solved!

By zooming out I was able to see the problem

By zooming out I was also able to validate that all devices were set properly.

All this was made possible by having a tech environment that’s properly instrumented.

Ah, but that’s for another day.

The key takeaway here is this.

Sometimes you gotta zoom out to zoom in.