What The Heck Is SD-WAN?


Of the many acronyms out there in the world of tech, SD-WAN is an acronym you might want to know about.

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined - Wide Area Network.

But before I explain what is and what problems it solves.

Let’s tackle the why.

So why the heck should you care about SD-WAN?

Here are 3 reasons you should care about SD-WAN.

#1—It can save you money

That’s because SD-WAN is an affordable way to connect to different locations.

#2—It can help minimize downtime and lost productivity

SD-WAN is an effective way to implement redundancy between different locations or the internet.

#3—It can improve the quality of cloud services that your business uses

SD-WAN is a way to prioritize different types of traffic when accessing the internet or different locations.

Why is this important?

I think the best way to explain this is to share 3 quick scenarios of how SD-WAN can be used.

Connecting Locations

Let’s say that your company has multiple locations.

It could be a chain of restaurants or a string of medical offices.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to connect all of those offices together for compliance or other reasons.

SD-WAN can help.


Let’s say you have 2 internet providers and you want to failover automatically when there is an outage.

SD-WAN can help with that.

It can also help you better utilize your internet connections.

But that’s another benefit.

Traffic Prioritization

Do you have a voice over IP phone system?

Do you live stream video?

Or do video conferencing?

If any of these services run subpar when you use them.

SD-WAN can as you might have guessed.


It’s common for a business to have reliability challenges with services that are accessed on the internet.

With SD-WAN you can prioritize certain types of network traffic so that they perform better.

Sometimes just knowing about a new technology can help answer a question that hasn’t been asked yet

SD-WAN is cool new technology.

I hope this overview answers questions you might have about this SD-WAN thing.

Consider how your business runs today.

Are there opportunities for improvement?

Are there situations where you need to connect to different locations?

Does your office need redundancy?

Could the services you use in your office need some packet prioritization?

If so.

SD-WAN might be right for you.

If so.

Contact your friendly neighborhood technologist.