Why Isn't My Company Growing?


Why isn’t my company growing?

And while the question may not always be asked in this manner.

If you step back from the situation.

It's the core question.

The question of why is my company not growing can be asked in many ways

Why am I not selling more?

Why is this process dumb?

What the heck are we doing?

But no matter how the question is asked.

If you're open to some advice.

Well, here it is.

It’s you

This might be hard to hear.

But the number one reason why your company is not growing is you.

While we may all strive to be the best version of ourselves.

There are four key areas where we have challenges.

Experience, exposure, education, and expectation.

How we iterate, develop, and grow in these areas dictates our growth and success in business.


Doing, participating, observation, and even having a mentor can help you to build your experience.

Just because you’ve been in business for several years doesn’t mean that you have the right experience in your wheelhouse.

Building and nurturing experience are key skills.


Exposure is achieved much the same way as experience.

Although exposure can be very situational.

Your ability to put yourself into situations where growth can happen is a must if you’re going to grow your business.

This means having an open mind and listening for opportunities.

And then when you see it.

Go for it.


Education can be real-world education or it can be institutionalized education.

The key to education is to always be open to learning.

Remember, you’re not always the expert.

Seek learning—but don’t overlearn.


This is where things can get messy.

Terms like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and just plain having a clue, all come to mind.

Misset expectations can be the demise of any great undertaking.

Also, just because something offends you, doesn’t mean you’re right.

Sometimes it’s just easier to let go of all expectations and just go.

Leave the baggage behind.

So how do you line all of these up?

How do you find that perfect balance that puts you in a position to grow?

The reality is this…

Without taking action you’re stuck.

Or at least moving really slow.

Yep. actually doing something about things is the final step.

Sitting around pontificating or waiting for something to happen ain’t gonna do it.

Actively moving forward is the way.

Happy growing!