Users Do The Darndest Things


Yesterday I received a phone call from a client.

Apparently, their receptionist phone was broken.

Now they don’t operate in a normal manner where there is a receptionist that runs a switchboard.

But needless to say.

It’s important for everyone in the office to have a working telephone.

The issue was resolved in short order, but the root cause left me a little puzzled.

I spoke to the receptionist who told me that they were playing with different buttons and sounds on the phone and that after they did that the phone stopped working.

Now I’m not sure what series of buttons one would press to break a phone.

But apparently, this person found the winning combination.

If I didn’t see it first hand.

I would not have believed it.

The phone wasn’t completely inoperable.

But the series of buttons pushed on the phone rendered it so that it wouldn’t accept any phone calls.

How people end up in certain situations I will never know.

The reality of it is this.

Things happen.

No matter the level of protection and structure put in place.

People will always find away to break something.

Users do the darndest things.