Comcast Doesn't Sell Wireless Internet To Businesses


The other day I was looking for a wireless backup internet option for one of my clients.

Their office is on the outskirts of town and so options are limited.

So I called my friend over at Comcast.

Comcast has been airing commercials lately about their Internet/Wi-Fi back up service.

So I asked my buddy if Comcast sells wireless internet to small businesses.

Comcast just so happens to provide cable internet a block away from the client’s office.

So it was worth an ask.

He replied with.

That’s a great question.

Let me find out.

So off he went to find out.

He called me back a little while later and told me that Comcast doesn’t sell the wireless backup internet service to non-Comcast customers.

Apparently, there are some technical reasons as to why they don’t offer it.

I guess Comcast product managers just haven’t figured out wireless internet for small business yet.

It’s odd because…

Most products on the Comcast line card can be purchased individually.

So why not Wi-Fi?

The Comcast Xfinity Wi-Fi works for home users.

I use it all of the time.

But apparently, small businesses don’t get to play.

I’m off to talk to Viasat now.