Running Your Business 90 Days At A Time


The myth of long-range planning

From our youth, we’re told we need to have a plan.

That we need to know where we’re going.

That we need to set long-range goals.

And that we need to work towards them.

The problem is this

For the most part.

Long-range goals don’t work.

Now let’s not confuse vision with long-range goals.

A vision is guided by a much deeper drive.

Years back I worked for a successful IT company.

We used the 90 Day Planning Method.

We said to ourselves...

Let’s get rid of the five-year plan.

Let’s get rid of the three-year plan.

Heck, we even got rid of the one-year plan.

And we arrived at this...

Manage the business 90 days at a time

So we did just that.

Every 90 days we’d map out our next 3 months and then go.

And you know what.

We grew.

We made progress.

Did we need to shift plans sometimes?

Of course.

But all in all.

90 days at a time worked for us

But it worked for a few reasons.

One. We had a vision.

Two. We were committed.

Three. We were aligned.

Sounds simple but it’s not as easy as one would think.

Managing your business 90 days at a time makes a lot of sense for a small business

Small businesses are dynamic.

They are change engines.

They are fluid.

Think about it.

Managing your business 90 days at a time.

All you need is a vision to anchor on.

A commitment.

And alignment.