5 Cent Mints Are Killing Your Customer Experience

The surest way to kill your customer experience is to blow the ending.

Not finishing strong.

I was at a restaurant last night.

The service was good.

The food was okay.

To be honest…

It was a less than stellar experience.

But here’s the thing.

It wasn’t that bad.

It’s likely I would have gone back to try something else on the menu.

But then just as we’re leaving there’s a container filled with mints that says five cents per minute.

I point it out to my wife who was like…


5 Cent Mints

You bring me into your business.

Then you provide me with okay service.

Then you nickel and dime me when I’m done?

It makes you think...

Were they losing so much money on mints that they needed to charge for them?

But in reality.

It probably went down something more like this...

Mr. Owner or Mr. Manager says.

We’re going through mints too fast.

We can’t have that.

We could be making money on this.

I’ve got an idea.

I’ll take a 3 x 5 card and write five cents on it and make all of our clients pay for mints.

This will solve the problem of mint replenishment!

Killing Customer Experience

When you look at it through this lens it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Why would someone charge customers right before they leave?

How does that create a great customer experience?

Why do business is nickel and dime their customers?

Why do they tack on charges at the last minute?

Some people think…

Well we’ve got their pocketbook open.

Might as well keep pulling money out.

But from a customer experience perspective.

Tagging on unnecessary charges in a buyers mind creates collateral damage.

You ruin the chances of repeat business.

You ruin the chances of loyalty.

And you might just be shortening the life cycle of your business.

Customer service starts well before a client walks in your door.

Great a great client experience lasts a lot longer than just one visit.

And it pays huge dividends.

And last but not least…

Please don’t charge me for mints.