Building A Better Business

Working in the tech space you really do get to see it all.

It’s a great education in the world of business, people and process.

Any and everything happening in business today connects with tech in some way.

Heck if you lift your head out of the ones and zeros for just a few minutes you might just learn something.

Working alongside businesses as their tech partner provides a glimpse and often more into the inner workings of successful businesses.

I get to work alongside growing businesses on a daily basis.

In a perfect scenario I’m in the mix as it happens.

But this doesn’t always happen.

One challenge of working with small business owners is their reluctance at times to involve their tech partner.

Now there are a couple of reasons why this might happen.

Both are typically based on their prior history working with an IT provider.

First, the tech partner isn’t capable of providing insight and direction.

This basically means the company or guy you work with doesn’t have the education, experience or exposure needed to provide value at this level.

Or second, you don’t think that your tech partner can provide insight and direction.

This particular issue can rest on both the owner and/or provider depending on the situation.

In either case.

Both options are not good.

Without trust or confidence in your tech.

Your business at best…

Is people moving widgets.

There is no spark.

There is no magic.

And that’s no fun.

Having a tech partner riding alongside you as you build your business is the way to go.

At least to me it is.

It’s true that finding a tech resource that can provide value to your business at that level can be hard.

But if you know the questions to ask.

You will find a company or person that can really make a difference in your business.

It’s not about ones and zeros.

It’s about having a technology partner that can help to fuel growth and productivity in your business.

It’s how you build a better business.