Growing Through Iteration


One of the biggest challenges when trying to grow as an individual or business is fear.

Fear of change or fear of failure.

They’re both close cousins.

One big challenge of implementing new technology into a business is overcoming the mindset of fear.

What if it fails?

What if I was wrong?

The mindset of failure is entrenched in our society

It is a mindset that is instilled in us from youth.

And it’s cancer in the business world.

I see managers, directors, and leaders…

Afraid to make decisions because they fear for their jobs — amongst other things.

It is indeed a sad state we live in.

But in the small business world, there is a ray of light

You’re not some director whO’s fighting to keep his job.

Or afraid to make a move.

You’re a business owner.

Or a partner.

Your ability to influence and to pivot is your edge.

It’s your differentiator.

So when it comes to the tech in your business.

There are times when the choice you make will be wrong.

But it’s all just an iteration.

An attempt or version of something that aspires to.

So if you buy an app to run your business on and it doesn’t work — know this.

It’s okay to change course.

Sure it will cost you money.

Sure it will cost you time.

But it won’t cost you your job.

Maybe a small bruise to your ego if you subscribe to that sort of mindset.

But if you’re all about moving forward and embracing change.

Iteration is your modus operandi

Iteration is your friend.

Sure your journey may have a detour sometimes.

But the destination remains the same.

Tip for the day.

Don’t be afraid to change course on a piece of software or piece of hardware or any technology for that matter; that you may have in your business.

Of course, careful planning is needed.

And making sound decisions is important.

But the ability to change course for a small business is a wonderful gift that’s yours for the taking.

Embrace the mindset and practice of iteration.