Tech Is Like A New Pair Of Shoes

Tech is like a new pair of shoes.

That first day that you buy a new pair of sneaks is awesome.

Everything is shining and new

Except for that…

Those new shoes are a little snug.

And it’ll take a few days until they feel really good.

Until you find that just right fit.

And that’s fine.

The tech in your business is very much the same way.

You buy a new app.

It’s shiny and new.

Everything you want it to be.

But it’s not there yet.

It will take a little bit of tweaking.

You’ll need to get your data into the app.

Then you’ll need to get the configuration just right.

But once you have things dialed in.

That’s when you get to that magic moment.

You’ve arrived!


Change is scary.


Implementing a new app in your business will take some work.

But if you start right.

You’ll end right.

It just takes a little faith.

A good tech partner.

And of course…

A plan.