Wireless Screen Sharing At The Office




The other day a met with a business that uses AirTame at their office for digital signage and wireless screen sharing.

This business had screens strategically placed throughout their office and in their conference rooms.

Outside of just having screens everywhere was this was really—an impressive effort.

Every screen was in use.

The screens displayed company logos or content based on location.

It was quite a sight!

It got me thinking about how we use screens at my office

We have dashboards that show key metrics and other content.

But they’re tied to a computer appliance.

We don’t use wireless screen sharing very much and so the screens with computers work for us.

That was until I saw AirTame.

The ability to cast and stream as well as having a cloud console to manage what’s displayed opened a handful of ideas in my mind.

Things like…

Displaying content to enhance our office tour.

Displaying company culture content to staff.

And other ideas.

There IS all sorts of tech out there that can benefit your business

Most of my clients are doing some sort of screen sharing.

Some use AirTame.

Some use AppleTV.

And some use Chromecast.

All great solutions.

Depending on what you need.

If you’re not using display tech in your office.

It may be time to reconsider.

Think about it.