Is Your Tech A Little Long In The Tooth?


When your business is starting out—choices are made.

Choices about…

What computers to buy.

What printers to buy.

What internet provider to go with.

And what software to run.

As your business matures it’s a good idea to reevaluate those choices.

But the reality is this.

Most small businesses don’t reevaluate.

What got us here will definitely not get us there

It’s an all too common experience to see a business using tech that just doesn’t work for them anymore.

It could be an accounting app.

It could be a computer.

It could be anything.

But typically.

It’s a piece of tech that’s hampering growth and/or productivity.

Old habits die hard

But the behaviors, the habits, the comfort level, of using old tech die hard.

To some businesses even the concept of considering something new is unthinkable.

Making a move to something else in the foreign thought.

It’s scary.

It’s all about mindset.

Some business owners think…

What I have is fine.

It’s getting the job done.

Why make waves?

Why spend the money?

It’s a strange phenomena

It’s like owning a car that doesn’t run just because you don’t want to get another one.

So you sit at home frustrated that your car doesn’t run.

Instead of just getting another car.

Or calling an Uber.

It sounds strange when you look at it this way.

But this happens more than you think it would.

Whip it good

Are the apps that you use in your business a little long in the tooth?

Are running on some old piece of tech just because it ain’t broke?

Are you holding onto old process and procedure just because your app only handles the basics?

If so.

It’s time to open your mind and embrace change.

Tech is an evolution.

Not a devolution.