New Client Tuesdays


Yesterday I was onboarding a new client.

They have one of the nicest offices I have seen.

Everything is new.

Everything looks clean.

New chairs, new desks, glass walls, etc.

It’s gorgeous.

Their computer room also looked good at first glance.

But just underneath their shiny new exterior…

Is a punch list of tech mishaps to work through.

Building The Punch List

During the onboarding phase I make observations of the environment.

I make a note here and I take a note there.

Of the things that need fixin’.

I also spend some time with the client.

This helps me to build a list of their wants and needs.

And the things that don’t work right.

Fixing The Ugly Underneath

By all accounts when you walk into this clients office you get a feeling of success.

You get a feeling of productivity.

You get a feeling of success.

I’m glad this business owner noticed the disconnect with their tech.

And I’m grateful for the opportunity to help them on their journey.

To get the tech right in their business.