My Friend Doctor Tech


I have a friend named Dave who is a doctor.

The other day we were talking.

He was telling me about an app he uses at his office.

His process goes something like this...

He’ll go in and speak with a patient (client).

Understand their request.

If he’s not sure about the solution he’ll let them know that he needs to step out for a minute.

He then goes over to his computer station and inquires on his medical practice app.

He generally knows what he’s looking for which allows him to quickly find a solution.

And then goes back and helps the patient.

The app he uses is pretty cool.

It actually includes aggregated information from all of the doctors in his network as well as the ability to communicate with other doctors in real time.

Tech helps him—help patients.

The law field has similar tools.

The tech field has similar tools.

Working in the world of tech it’s common to hear people say…

Oh, you guys just Google for answers.

It’s true.

We do use a fair amount of Google-Fu to solve problems.

But other professionals do the same.

In the end it really just boils down to having the right education, experience, and exposure.

And then knowing how to apply the right mix of them to solve a problem.

If the doctors and lawyers are doing it.

So can the techies.