Tech Deserves A Seat At The Table

How much thought do you put into the various functions of your business?

For example…

Let’s say we made a pie chart of the different functions in your business.

Sales, marketing, finance, service delivery, operations, tech.

What would that pie chart look like for you?


As a technologist it’s interesting to see how much time business owners spend on the tech in their business.

For some businesses owners tech is no different then let’s say…

The cleaning service.

Or that guy that comes to wash your car.

It’s just a service that we buy with little to no thought expended.

It’s just another checkbox that needs checking.

Now I’m not saying that you should be spending most of your time talking and thinking about the tech in your business.

All I’m saying is this.

Tech deserves a seat at the table.

A fair share so to speak.

The tech in your business is a valuable partner to the various functions in your business.

Good tech can help you improve your process and productivity.

And for that.

It’s well worth the effort to talk a little tech.

Having discussions on improving process and productivity should be a regular exercise in your business.

Since it results in incremental gains as a business.

And so the thought for the day is this...

How much time do you spend on process, productivity, and tech?

And if you did, how would it benefit your business?

There is only one way to find out.