My Journey Of Storage

When I was a young lad I generated content.

I needed somewhere to keep it all.

And so I went down to my local Egghead and bought a box of 3.5 inch diskettes.

But the content crew.

And so I bought an iOmega Zip Drive.

I built up a nice collection of Zip disks.

But the content continued to grow.

And so I bought a CD burner.

Shortly followed by a DVD burner.

And still…

It wasn’t enough to hold all of my content.

By this point I had amassed a sizable amount of documents, programs, photos, music.

And so I bought an external hard drive.

It lasted for a while but then I needed a bigger one.

And then a bigger one.

It was just too much data.

So one day I said…


I’m going all in on cloud.

So everything got moved.

Every last piece of content.

Up to the cloud.

Nowadays, when I generate new content whether its articles, photos, music, etc.

It gets shipped to the cloud either on creation or shortly there after.

No more diskettes, Zip drives, DVD’s or external hard drives.

If you’re wondering what happened to all those old mediums of storage.


I kept them around for a while.

Out of nostalgia and a feeling of insecurity about the cloud.

But then I got over it.

All of my content is in the cloud.

Call me crazy.

It works for me.

I am a digitarian.

All of my content lives and breathes in the cloud.

It’s what I do.

It’s how I work.

All cloud.

All the time.