My Latest Email Hack

I receive over 200 emails a day.

From clients, co-workers, vendors and autobots.

And as a result…

My Microsoft Outlook undergoes a regular review to make sure that I’m using it as efficiently as possible.

Recently, the filing method I developed had become a little long in the tooth and so I went from dozens of folders down to just 3.

The inbox + 2 collection bins.

I redid my default view to be as Gmail-like as possible to help move quickly through my processing.

I did this because I don’t have the same issues with Gmail as I do with Outlook.

So here I was.

1 inbox and couple of folders to catch a bunch of automated email I receive.

But then I ran into a problem.

All of my client email got buried in the noise.

And that’s a big problem.

So I reviewed the email I was getting and found that co-worker email was the issue.

It made sense to segment internal email.

So I did it.

I created an internal company email folder and built rules to send every co-worker and internal email into that folder.

Now it’s 2 weeks later and boy what a difference.

My inbox is now a focused view of client and vendor emails that helps me be responsive.

Internal email is reviewed at a different interval.

My latest email hack is working.

At least for now.

Will it work for you?

If you’re having trouble managing the flurry of emails you receive.

It might be time to change things up.