Technobabble (a portmanteau of technology and babble), also called technospeak, is a form of jargon that consists of buzzwordsesoteric language, specialized technical terms, or technical slang that is impossible to understand for the listener.

Source —Wikipedia

Look at any IT providers contract or website and I’m sure you’ll see a good dose of technobabble.

Yesterday I had the chance to review an agreement from one such IT provider.

It included sections like what’s covered under the agreement.

It’s stated things like—virtual desktop, VPN, network devices, and wireless AP’s.

Then in another section the agreement stated what was not covered.

Non-business related devices, hardware and software not covered by a manufacture warranty.

This is all pretty standard stuff that a technically minded person would put in a contract.

But here’s the thing.

While the IT provider thinks that they are just protecting themselves from a future liability by defining there coverage at a technical level.

They are speaking in a language not understood by most business people.

This is the same challenge you have when your doctor tells you that you have a cardiac dysrhythmia that’s triggered by a tachycardia.

If a doctor did say something like this to me.

I would respond with…

Doc could you please explain that to me normal language?

It’s also the same as talking to a lawyer who says that they will take your case with the exception of protecting you from of Florida State Law 9.333 or 9.331.

It doesn’t mean anything to you.

And still…

This is how most IT providers describe their services.

They use language that means little to nothing to prospective buyers.

And you the potential client doesn’t speak up.

End the madness.

I understand the concept a fine print.

I understand the concept of detailing out service expectations.

But at the same time if you’re not communicating using business terminology that both parties can understand.

There is a huge disservice going on.

Beware of technobabble.

Ask IT providers to describe their services in language you can understand.

This in turn will help you to better understand your tech contracts.

And as a result—you’ll be able to make better and more informed decisions about the tech in your business.

Plain and simple.

Down to earth.

These are the phrases the engender trust in a relationship.

Keep your vendors honest.