7 Point Checklist For IT Provider Shopping

Here are 7 things you should do before shopping for a new IT provider.

Know how much you currently spend.

This includes services, software, subscriptions and CAPEX costs.

Understanding your entire IT spend is important when considering a new provider.

Ask other businesses you know and trust who they use.

A lot of times referral’s are the best source when looking for new vendors.

If your referral network is light. Look for IT providers with social proof.

Have a goal.

Think about how to answer the following question...

How will my business be better post hiring a new IT provider?

Know your pain.

What are the 2 things that you don’t like about your current IT provider?

Write them down.

Know how much a day of downtime could cost your business.

Understand how much revenue and expense is at stake if your staff can’t compute.

Know how much time your key personnel are currently spending on performing IT tasks.

If you have an Office Manager, Operations Manager or Controller currently doing all or part of your IT.

Quantify the time spend weekly doing IT tasks.

Write a list of 5 interview questions.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Questions like, years in business, staff count, support process, management style to name a few examples are all important.

It’s a wrap.

Finding a new IT provider is like hiring a new key staff member.

It all starts with understanding your business needs.

And then finding a rock solid partner that aligns with your company culture.

The tech in your business is key to your business success.

The more you prepare the better you’ll fare.

Happy shopping!