Tech Building Blocks

Every business is different yet similar at the same time.

Although businesses can be very different in the products and services that they offer.

There is one area where similarities exist in each business.

And that is in the tech that runs a business.

The following is a list of tools that a modern business should have as part of their tech.

Consider these the tech building blocks from a app perspective.

Building Block Apps

Accounting—These are apps that handle Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Accounting and Financial Reporting.

CRM—These are apps that keep track of all of the companies, contacts and interactions you have with them.

Billing—Depending on your industry there may apps that can provide more value. Billing apps also include payment processors, online stores and point of sale systems.

Service Delivery—These are the apps you use to deliver your service. It could be a ticketing system. It could be a case management system. This could also be a file sharing app.

Project Management—These apps help you to manage your business and your related projects. This could include internal and client projects.

Marketing—This includes your web site and apps to manage your inbound marketing efforts. Think email marketing, paid advertising and content creating. All of these items require visibility and accountability to get right.

Reporting—Ideally the other apps and services your business has will provide the insight you need. Still, sometimes aggregating data can provide even more insight. The key here is implementing at least some basic reporting.

Bonus points for having the following.

HR Management—This includes apps for staff management, culture management and benefits management.

Recruiting—This includes apps that help you post jobs, interact with candidates and manage your recruiting process.

Compliance—If your company is an regulated industry there are apps that can help you with documenting and maintaining your compliance. These apps make it way easier to maintain your compliance in a straightforward manner.

Archiving—These apps may be needed whether you’re in a regulated industry or just want to have a safety net of information.

This may look like a big list of apps but they’re core to any growing modern business.

Selecting a mix of apps that play well together helps to propel your business.

Choosing wisely is the key.