Get More Internet

As I meet with small businesses it’s common to find that their Internet download speeds are 50 Mbps or less.

Mbps = Megabits.

That’s pretty slow by 2019 standards.

Did you know that you can get Comcast Business Internet with 150 Mbps download speed for just under $200.00 these days?

That’s likely three times faster than what you have today.

All for a few dollars more than what you’re likely paying now for internet.

Sure you would have to sign a multiyear agreement but based on the fact that you’ve had that slow Internet connection for years…

You’re not likely to be switching internet providers anytime soon.

There are opportunities out there to improve the tech in your business.

Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing that there is something better within reach

If you’re still running on an Internet connection that’s less than 100 Mbps down consider an upgrade.

It’s a noticeable difference.


It will improve your access to all sorts of apps and services in the cloud.

So is it time for an upgrade?

Think about it.

NOTE: This article is not an endorsement or promotion for Comcast Business Internet. I’m just trying to help small businesses maximize their dollars and point out a good value when I see one.