A Graveyard Of PC's

Yesterday I visited a local South Florida business.

They need some help getting their tech right and so I took a drive down to visit their office.

I met with the point of contact who took me to their computer room to see their servers and network setup.

Upon opening the door I was greeted by a graveyard of computers.

Their main computer room had become a dumping ground for all of their old equipment.

I carefully moved computers out of the way to be able to look into their server cabinet.

I opened the door to the server cabinet and found a handful of servers covered in dust and soot.

As the tour of the facility continued I witnessed more and more unkept tech.

Yep, things were a mess.

The Good News

The good news was that along our journey the point of contact shared her desire to improve their situation.

Their business leadership is ready for a change.

Out with the old and with the new.

As this client comes on board we’ll make some time to properly wipe the old computers and devices and send them off to e-Waste.

It’s crazy how computer rooms can become dumping grounds for old equipment.

How a company’s central nervous system for computing can become a clogged artery.

It’s important to take care of your investment in IT.

Keeping your computer room clean is just one way of getting your tech right.

Do you have a graveyard of computers in your office?