Building The Perfect Beast

Sometimes building the perfect beast can take some time.

This week I’m working on a tech assessment for a new client.

During my initial review of their environment I found all sorts of things that needed attention.

There were old systems.

Misconfigured systems.

An excess of systems.

In short, this environment had not been managed, monitored, or maintained for a very long time.

And so, there’s a lot of work that’s going to be needed to bring this tech environment up to snuff.

Enter the Tech Roadmap.

Like most small businesses this company was not planning on spending a ton of money fixing their environment.

In fact, there was no budget.

No expectations were set by their prior IT folks.

Basically, all they knew was this…

They had problems and they needed to make a change.

With a Tech Roadmap in hand they now have a path to getting their tech right.

How fast they want to move is up to them.

Some items on their roadmap they’ll need right now.

Other items will come in time.

Sometimes all you need is a plan to action on.

Get your tech right.