The 3 Myths Of Managed Services

Today I’d like to share the 3 Myths of Managed Services.

Looking for a new Managed Service Provider to manage the tech in your business?

Not happy with the one you have?

Understanding the 3 Myths could help and give you some insight.

Myth 1 —

Everything is covered.


Everything is not covered.

If there’s anything your business needs outside of the monthly core services...

It’s not covered.

There will be a charge.

Usually in some form type of professional services.

This is because Manage Service Providers have not figured out a way to provide a complete offering.

Most providers focus on providing Help Desk, Computer Patching and Updates meaning that...

Everything is not covered.

Myth 2—

We’re setup like an Enterprise IT department.

The truth is…

Most IT guys have not worked in Enterprise IT.

Even if they worked in IT before starting their company.

It’s likely they worked in a Mid-market company.

Mid-market companies range from 300+ computers up about 1,000.

And that’s not Enterprise IT.

An Enterprise IT department is made up of leaders, directors, managers, departments, and budgets.

Managed Service Providers just don’t have that kind of scale.

Most Managed Service Providers have around 4 to 5 employees.

Sure there are bigger providers out there.

But their roots are not Enterprise IT.

I won’t get into the fact that Enterprise IT does not make sense in the small business world.

We’ll save that thought for another day.

Myth 3—

Service Level Agreements.

Service Level Agreements or SLA’s are another myth.

Offering a written a monetary penalty for letting you down is another tactic that is somehow supposed to make you feel better about choosing a Managed Services Provider.

The truth is…

Most providers don’t meet their own SLA’s.

The number one service level promise is--response time.

This is also the most frequently unmet commitment in an SLA.

So why would an IT service provider put this in their contract?

Well, because it sounds good.

And so people feel their buying a service with a guarantee when in reality they’re just buying some words on paper.

So there you have it.

The 3 Myths of Managed Services.

There are more myths.

But we’ll go with 3 for now.

Happy hunting.