Disconnected Tech

Is your tech disconnected?

Do you know how the different pieces fit together?

Quite often when talking with business owners and operators I find that when it comes to the tech in their business…

Things are little fuzzy.

You see, they’re not sure how all of the pieces fit together.

Hardware, Software, Services, Process and People.

The tech in your business is an ecosystem.

And in order for tech to enable your business to grow, operate and succeed.

You’ll need to understand this point.

The tech in your business is an ecosystem.

And this tech ecosystem that is part of your business needs regular care and feeding.

Also known as, managing, monitoring and maintaining.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see, this doesn’t solve the disconnect problem.

While understanding the role and value of tech in your business is a core ideal.

The biggest area of disconnect actually lies in the dollars spent on tech.

Tech meaning -- hardware, software, services, process and people.

Understanding your businesses tech spend is crucial.

Unfortunately this is where the dots get disconnected.

Things get fuzzy.

Knowing the what, where and why of your tech spend is key to crossing the bridge of disconnect.

Here are 3 examples of where knowing and understanding tech costs in your business is important.

Cost of a new employee

Whenever you hire someone there’s a cost.

Recruiting, onboarding, tech, insurance and payroll are all areas that will increase.

From a tech perspective this may include purchasing new computing, phone, apps and services.

Knowing this cost is super important as you plan your growth.

Another important cost is…

Cost of support per employee

Once the employee is on board and providing value there should be a support system in place to keep them up and running.

When I say up and running that means that their tech is managed, monitored and maintained and that they have a support organization that enables their productivity.

Your cost of support per employee should roll up to a monthly/yearly spend.

The third area to capture is…

Cost of infrastructure.

This area includes things like internet/phone service, networking, security and print services.

Basically, all of the shared tech infrastructure items your business needs to operate.

These are costs you may or may not want to break out on a per computer or per staff basis.

Costs in the area can be both capital and direct expenses.

Connecting your tech.

Understanding the role and value of tech in your business is the core belief.

The next crucial step is getting your head around the cost of tech in your business.

You’ll need hardware, software, services, process and people all working together to succeed.

Remember that they’re an ecosystem.

You can’t have one piece without the other.

That they need to be properly managed, monitored and maintained.

And that there’s an associate cost of doing business.

Tech is not set and forget.

Tech is an active part of your modern business.

It’s on your P&L.

Give it the attention it needs.

And your business will be more successful for doing so.