A Mixed Bag Of Tech

I’m currently working on a tech assessment for a client.

2 days in and from what i can see this client has what is known as a “mixed bag of tech”.

Meaning that…

They have little to no standardization.

Each provider that has supported their environment has added some of what they do and then left the rest of their tech to chance.

Honestly, it looks like the last outsourced tech provider did the bare minimum that they could get away with to get paid.

In the tech world each tech provider has their own tech signature.

Some like to use complicated products.

Others like to install one or two things and say they’re offering a managed service.

All in all, it would seem, that no previous provider has ever taken the time to understand this clients needs and do the right thing.

Which is…

Design and build a proper tech environment.

The work begins.

Unfutzing this mess is going to take some brain power.

But once we’re done.

This client will have an efficient and properly designed tech environment.

In this clients case they’ll actually be saving money once they get off their mixed bag of tech.

It’s important to know what you’re getting from your current tech provider.

Is your business running on a mixed bag of tech?

Do you have a fully integrated tech provider?

Or are they just providing a few functions?

I’m glad in this clients case…

They realized the mess they were in and had a desire to get their tech right.

And so.

The journey begins.