Top 5 Small Business Tech Predictions For 2019

For today I thought I would share my top 5 tech predictions for 2019.

I’ve never done a tech predictions before and so I thought…

What the heck.

Let’s give it a try.

If you’ve followed my articles for any amount of time you’ll know that I’m a big fan of cloud.

So that being said.

My predictions will obviously favor cloud based technologies.

Here we go.

My Top 5 Small Business Tech Predictions for 2019.

Microsoft 365

Notice I that didn’t say Office 365. Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft offering available through Microsoft Partners that includes several Microsoft products such as Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise operating systems. Microsoft has bundled several key technologies into this offering and is moving to position this as the defacto business computing solution. Microsoft 365 will continue to grow in subscribers throughout 2019.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

I promise this will be my only other Microsoft selection for 2019. :-) Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is another offering from Microsoft that allows business to move their business to the cloud. With Microsoft EMS you can actually ditch your onsite server and go all-in on cloud. Microsoft EMS also includes Windows Intune and Autopilot which can benefit your business in 2 huge ways. One, they help to streamline computer deployment and reloads when you need them. And two, they give you centralized management of computers from the cloud. Bye bye server! I think once people catch on to what the benefits are of going all-in on cloud Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security will pop big time.

Less Fingers On Keyboards

With most applications offering speech to text functions, all you need is a microphone (hint, there’s one in your webcam) more and more people will begin narrating emails and documents. Check the applications you use on a daily basis. Chances are they’re already voice enabled. So yes, for 2019, there will be less fingers on keyboards.

Solid State SSD Hard Drives Reign Supreme

Most businesses and vendors at this point have figured out that SSD hard drives are the way to go for performance, speed and security in their computing resources. In 2019 we should see a pricing decrease in larger capacity SSD hard drives opening the door to the end of the traditional hard drive. If you buy any new computing for your business insist on SSD. It’s the way to go.

Industry Specific AI

Whatever market or sector your business operates in; be on the lookout for AI. In 2018 adding a chat bot to your web site was all the rage. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. While most AI is still at the appointment setting step in your business process. I expect more and more industry specific AI will surface. There are so many opportunities to streamline process and improve customer interactions. Be on the lookout for AI for your business. This market is still maturing and in 2019 there will be standout products that will begin to disrupt markets.

So there you have it.

My Top 5 Small Business Tech Predictions.

Do you have your own tech predictions?

Shoot me an email and share.