Just Pick A Book

I was in a conversation the other day and the following words came out the mouth.

Just pick a book.

To add context…

I was discussing sales methodology with a friend of mine.

And my point was this.

There many books on the subject of sales.

There are many experts with self published books.

Many of them speaking at local chambers, Vistage and other business forums.

They’re even online and in your inbox.

With all of the speakers and methods that are pitched…

CEO’s can get lost in a sea of decisions.

Is speaker A right?

Or is speaker B right?

Which sales method is best for my business?

What if I combine part of A with part of B and build my own sales process?

The Rut

With so many choices before them many leaders are left standing there confused and overwhelmed by the choices.

So they do what any normal business person would do.

They do nothing.

Hence my advice to the indecisive is this.

Pick a book.

Just one book.

And then follow it.

At the end of the day it’s 80% about the activity and 20% about the method.

You see, most business book derive their information from generally the same sources.

Sure some people say things better than others.

Sure some people have better nuggets of information.

But in the end the information is just that.


And without action you’re left with a few pages of information.

Take Action

So if you’re stuck in a mire.

Not sure how to move forward.

Whether it be sales, operations, customer experience, brand, or even tech.

Pick a book.

And then take action.

You’ll be the better for it.

Lights, camera, action.