Arm Wrestling A Mac

Every so often something can’t get fixed.

And when that happens.

It lands on my lap.

The other day I was asked to help with a Mac problem for a client.

Yes, I do Macs.

We had recently set up a new Mac for a client.

And it was not behaving.

It was slow starting up.

And the Mac was what we like to call—throwing errors.

To add another wrinkle, this new Mac was also running the latest version of macOS Mojave.

So I gathered the team together and we spent some time running through the Mac.

We found a few things that needed attention right away and got them sorted.

When you have more than one brain in the room it’s easier to find solutions faster.

With a few issues remaining I decided to spend some time alone with the Mac.

I spent quite a bit of time online researching the issues.

Since it’s a new Mac running the latest version of macOS Mojave there’s not a lot out there—in terms of reference material.

I continued to engage my Google Fu.

And after a few hours of jumping back-and-forth between fact and fiction and a series of trial and error tasks on the Mac itself—I finally found 2 articles that pointed to a possible solution.

The articles corroborated much of what I had figured out.

So I implemented the changes and voila!

The Mac was ready to go.

With a happy Mac in hand we delivered the new Mac to our client.

I will say one thing about this experience.

And that is…

The amount of misinformation on macOS on the web is very high.

In my view, this could easily be solved by Apple providing better information on how their products actually work.

Microsoft actually does a good job with providing operating, reference and troubleshooting information on their Windows operating system.


Not so much.

Some improved documentation from Apple would help to educate people more about how to use their macOS based products.

And this would result in less speculation online.

At least a little less. 😉

And one more thing.

When dialed in…

The new Macs are actually pretty awesome.