Needles In Haystacks

Sometimes in the world of tech there can be problems that are difficult to solve.

And for whatever reason some of these problems are harder to solve than others.

These technical difficulties leave both the user, the business and the technical person frustrated.

When these challenges come.

And believe me they will.

It’s good to have a handy checklist of questions to ask.

That is when we take out a out a piece of paper and ask ourselves the following questions.

Actually these questions should have already been asked.

But humor me for the sake of documenting the situation.

Has anything changed in the environment?

If troubleshooting a computer issue one may ask.

When was the last time something was installed on this computer?

When was the last time this computer was patched?

When was the last time this computer was restarted?

And yet still sometimes the problem is still not resolved.

The manufacturer is brought in.

Google-Fu is invoked to the extreme.

Phones calls are made to experts.

And still…


Sometimes we even have to refer to what I like to call broad strokes such as.

Replacing the computer with spare.

You have one of those don’t you?

Sometimes things take time.

But in the end.

The problem gets resolved.

All problems can be resolved.

In the end all problems can be resolved.

It may not be right now.

It may not be tomorrow.

It may not even be in the way you expect it to be resolved.

But rest assured.

Every problem in the tech world does have a solution.