Tech Is Not A Product

Products and services.

When it comes to the tech in your business there are products and there are services.

Knowing the difference between the two makes all the difference.

Products are things like hardware and software.

It is easy to get your head around hardware.

A computer, server, printer or a mobile phone.

And that is because hardware is very tangible.

Software can be a little more tricky.

There’s software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

And then there’s software as a service.

Software as a service is still software.

You’re just paying for it differently.

When we get to services things can get all sorts of fuzzy.

And that is because of the way services are marketed.

If you’re hiring A CPA for your business and someone is offering a product called CPA on Demand for example.

Our brains are trained to think of it as a product.

Even though it’s a service.

And therein lies the problem.

When something is marketed to us as product or solution we are able to commoditize it in our brain.

And this leads us down a narrow thought process.

Which in turn sets us up for failure.

The tech in your business is not a product.

The tech in your business is not a service.

The tech in your business is an ecosystem.

It is many things.

Once you begin to think of the tech in your business as an ecosystem your world view changes.

You begin to see decisions and transactions in a new light.

This is the tipping point to getting the tech right in your business.

Tech is not a product.

Tech is not a service.

The tech in your business is an ecosystem.