Proactive = People

In business the word proactive is like gold.

It is a precious commodity.

It can be a business differentiator.

Or it can be a growth lever.

It could also be the difference between keeping a client.

But how does a business do this proactive thing?

Outside of building and training “proactive” in your in your business there are two things you will need.


It’s important to have process and procedure and information to guide your people.

One of the keys to being proactive is to know what to do.

It sounds counter intuitive to how most think being proactive works.

But outside of experience or instinct - education and knowledge is your only other lever.

A simple well defined process that is learned can make a huge difference in your businesses ability to be proactive.


Another way to be proactive is through leveraging technology.

Implementing an app to feed and inform your people is another key way to be proactive.

It’s not enough to just have a data repository where information lives.

Bringing data to life with analytics and dashboards helps to make sure information actionable.

And actionable data is the best data.


If you have good process and procedure—that is easily referenceable and being trained into your business.

You will be well on your way to building a proactive business.

Couple that with actionable data.

And you’ll have a winning combination.

At the end of the day being proactive is about the people.

People with the right behaviors.

With a little process and tech thrown in for good measure.

Do these things and you’ll likely be head and shoulders above the competition.

Who will still be wallowing in a reactive world.

Be proactive.