Double Up On That Internet Mister

Nowadays having more than one Internet provider for your business is a must.

Dependency on Internet for a business has never been higher.

Your staff needs email and apps to get things done.

Quick Story...

I was helping out a company yesterday - get their Internet back online.

They had been down for the whole weekend.

While this is not a problem for most small businesses.

This company happens to run 24/7.

Being down for the weekend and most of Monday was definitely a bummer.

With a second Internet connection in place this business would have been able to keep working.

Mind you, maybe not as fast.

But some Internet over no Internet is a good thing.

Think Redundancy.

Next time you’re thinking I don’t use that back up internet connection.


I don’t need a backup internet connection.

Think again.

You will.

A business interruption can be a major inconvenience.

Heck, even a small interruption is an inconvenience.

Consider getting a second Internet connection for your business if you don’t already have one.

While you may not use it often.

It’s great to have in your arsenal when there’s a blip or a complete outage of your main Internet.

Get more Internet.