The 3 Amigos Of Success

Today I introduce to you to the 3 Amigos of Success.

Make these 3 guys your best friends and success will soon follow.

Keep them around and success will remain.

So without further ado.

Here we go.


Knowing where you want to go and how you want to get there is important.

If you can’t see it — no one else will.

Success is relative.

Meaning, define what success looks like for you.

Then go for it.


Along the way.

You will encounter speed bumps, setbacks, and roadblocks.

Having the ability to understand and navigate your way through challenges, issues and problems is paramount for you to realize and bring your vision into full reality.


You need to be able to make decisions.

To make easy decisions.

And to make the hard decisions.

Don’t make a decision for the sake of making a decision.

Weigh the options, listen, understand, apply wisdom.

Then decide.


These are the 3 Amigos of success.

All equal in weight.

All 3 must exist to achieve the greatest success.

With balance across all 3 areas you’ll be a triple threat.

Last But Not Least

I know…

People provide success tips all the time.

Every other article you see is providing you with some tips or some secret sauce.

The reality is this.

At the end of the day.

It’s up to you to make your own success.

There’s no one else.

Not your partner.

Not your employees.

It’s on you.

The 3 Amigos of success will help you get there if you use them.

Use them well.