Consolidating Apps For The Greater Good

Implementing a line of business application for your company is a big step.

It’s a challenge to go from many to one.

By that I mean, that typically companies use several apps to perform their processes.

There’s email, calendaring, e-commerce, purchasing, reporting, service delivery, sales, marketing, HR, and finance.

You name it and there’s an app for it.

Most companies use around 5 to 6 core apps to run their business.

When your company commits to line of business application you’re making the decision to consolidate.

Consolidate for the greater good.

That may mean giving up a feature or two that you are used to today.

And for some companies that’s really hard to do.

No matter how well-intentioned your company may be.

It’s a sort of slippery slope because certain things may require compromise.

I’m currently working with a client that for the most part abandoned close to 80% of their line of business app.

Mostly because their old habits are so strong.

The line business app that they invested in can really help them.

It can help them be more productive and make more money.

But unfortunately.

There they are unable to make the change.

They’re unable to pivot to a new direction.

We had a conversation the other day about improving a certain process and we were unable to come to an agreement on implementing a change.

This client recognizes their problem.

They know that there are philosophical and political challenges to overcome inside of their business to move forward.

It’s difficult when the solution is right there in front of your eyes.

It’s difficult when personalities and politics keep a company from crossing the finish line and winning.

Certain line of business applications can really make a difference for a business.

I’m glad when companies take a step forward and implement a line of business app.

I understand that it’s a leap of faith sometimes.

But you know what?

Those that go all in succeed.

Those that struggle with change, distractions and politics.

Rarely realize the value they so desperately wanted.

My advice to those that are struggling with implementing change in their organizations is this.

Discard your old ways.

Embrace change.

Get into startup mode again.

Get back to the days when you were energetic and nimble.

A little change in process could do you good.