All Experience Is Not Created Equal

Sometimes you get to interview the most interesting people that you can’t hire.

I once interviewed a guy that was one of the top experts in a field of technology.

Banyan VINES

The problem was that no one used that technology anymore.

Well except for a handful of companies that had not yet migrated off.

Experience is sometimes a road less traveled.

This gentleman spent his entire career mastering a specific technology.

He was considered one of the top people in the world.

And still, he was out of a job.

Unfortunately he wasn’t the guy I was looking for.

And so I wished him luck on his journey.

Experience can be a funny thing.

You may have tons of it.

But if it’s not in the right area of expertise its value diminishes.

Tainted Experience.

But there’s another scenario that’s less obvious when you’re hiring.

And that is, tainted experience.

By tainted i’m referring to someone who is taught something incorrectly.

Someone who was brought up with bad habits around a specific subject area.

These individuals may be harder to spot when you’re interviewing.

If they get through your hiring process you are left with two choices.

Determined that they’re fixable.

And quickly train the heck out of them.

Or, replace them.

This is not to say that people can’t change.

It’s just that it can be a long road to repair bad habits.

Experience can be a strange bedfellow.

Having it is important.

Having the right type.

Is even more important.