Do I Still Need A Server?

On occasion I get asked…

Do I still need a server?

With the advance of cloud services more and more businesses have moved to using apps and services on the Internet.

Some businesses have distributed workforces.

Some businesses allow their staff to use their own personal computing devices.

Some businesses work in cohabitational office spaces.

Some just don’t want to have equipment in their offices.

And some businesses just want to be forward thinking.

Which leaves the question…

Do I still need a server?

The answer is…

You still need something to manage everything IT.

Think of the tech in your business as organized matter.

Without controls, compliance, process, and standards you’re left with the wild wild West.

To organize your tech you’ll need something.

For some businesses that means a small server in their office.

For others it makes sense to have their command and control in the cloud.

How your business works is what dictates the path.

So do I still need a server?

The final answer is…

It depends on your business needs.

Need help figuring out what your business needs to manage its tech?

Need help finding the best solution?

I do that.