Wrangling Tech Unicorns

Some weeks everything is not vanilla.

Despite our best efforts to standardize tech environments as much as possible.

Every client is still unique.

With their own set of needs.

Enter the tech unicorns.

This week I’m helping a few clients solve some unique tech challenges.

A.K.A tech unicorns.

And so I’m working on coming up with solutions tailored specifically for each client.

I believe that every client is different.

And while tech environments can share many similarities.

At the end of the day.

People have different preferences.

Which make for different processes.

And at times even different tech.

Wrangling Unicorns.

To help to keep your business tech moving forward.

It takes some rolling up of the proverbial sleeves.

It’s takes some tech think.

It takes research, design and validation.

It takes collaboration.

Have a tech unicorn in your business that needs wrangling?

I do that.