We Live In A World Of Ever-changing Tech

Last night I was watching a video on the coming updates to Microsoft Outlook for desktop.

There are some pretty big changes coming to Outlook.

With even more changes coming.

I’m still getting used to the updated look in Google Gmail and now Outlook is updating.

Does it never end?


Tech is ever-changing.

We live in a world where nothing that’s tech stays the same.

And that which does.

Goes by the wayside.

Reality check.

I know…

It’s tough enough just trying to run your business let alone having to deal with all the changing technology around you.

But technology is a part of our lives now.

We either evolve or we become irrelevant.

Having a technologist or two around can help.

Now back to the tech.

Often technology gets better with time.

Sometimes it goes a little backwards on us.

The good new is…

Most changes are incremental.

They come in bite-size chunks.

This makes it easier for us to learn and adapt.

Now for a poetic ending.

Living by the ocean is a wonderful thing

On the beach the waves come in.

They keep coming.

They’re never-ending.

Just like the tech in your business.

Always evolving always changing.