You Don't Need To Give Yourself Permission

You know the old adage…

It’s better to seek forgiveness then to ask permission.

Well, you’re doing it to yourself.


Yeah you!

You’re keeping yourself from realizing your own dreams.

You know what happens if you try something and fail?

You forgive yourself and then frickin’ move on.

You don’t need permission to live.

You don’t need permission to have a great idea.

But somehow, for some reason, we think we permission.

We’re programmed to think this way from youth.

And it's time to crack the code.


For example, I had an idea to start a blog.

I didn't need anyone's permission to do it.

I just needed to do it.

And so it took me almost 2 years to start one.

I wasn't waiting for someone else's permission.

I was waiting for me to give myself permission.

I just didn't want it to be failure.

And so I was protecting myself.

Or so I thought.

Lesson learned...

You don’t need to give yourself permission.

And when you can’t give yourself permission.

When you’re afraid for some reason.

Well then you just need to do it.

Just go!

Bypass yourself.

Get out of your own way.

Please note, I’m not saying to put yourself in mortal danger.

I'm talking about those dreams and ideas floating around in your head.

You know the ones.

Start that business.

Start that blog, vlog, podcast…

Ask that person out.

Ask your wife out.

Yeah, those ideas.

It’s silly and sad all at the same time how we build these permission scenarios in our lives. 

We build nice little walls that we somehow think will protect us from what?

From failure?

From getting hurt? 

From success?

From happiness? 

It’s nuts.

You don’t need permission.

You really don’t.

Just go for it.