Use Your App As Intended

I was talking to a client one day about his ERP implementation and why something like 85% of all ERP implementations fail.

He said something that stuck with me.

If people would just use the software as it was intended to be used there would be more success.

The problem is that customization kills.

I believe this to be true.

And that’s because.

It’s been my experience that most of the ERP implementations I’ve witnessed don’t live up to their promise.

Compromises are made.

Band-Aids are applied.

And things end up working so-so.

There are 2 reasons for this.

One - Clients want to bend technology to work the way they want.

Meaning that, if a client doesn’t like how something works and then a customization or workaround is added.

Customizations continue and benefits are marginalized.

Two - Weak project management.

Basically, the project manager (vendor-provided, outsourced or insourced) gets tired of dealing with the customers lack of direction and/or whining.

And so they just try to get to the finish line to end the madness.

Believe.  I've seen it.

Both of these problems placed on any accounting/ERP project can cause all sorts of problems.

And these two problems are considered amongst the top reasons why accounting/ERP implementations fail.

So how do you avoid these two problems?

Do these 4 things.

First - Plan, plan, plan.

Planning is critical.  

Understand how the new app works.

Do a proof of concept.

Second - Be willing to give up your old ways in order to maximize the features and functionality of the software that you’re buying. 

Third - Be vigilant about your process.

By this I mean.

Align your processes with the new app.

And last but not least.

Be an internal champion and drive those new processes into your companies workflow.

No internal champion = recipe for failure.

Dispelling myths...

The myth of customizable software is just that.

A myth.

Customization kills.

Avoid it like the plague. 

Do this and any packaged software project you undertake will be successful.