Why You Need Tech Telemetry

I was helping out a client the other day and something just wasn’t right.

A quick review of the telemetry used in their environment helped to pinpoint their problem right away.

You see, when your environment is instrumented properly, problems can be resolved quickly.

So what is this telemetry thing you speak of Rob?


Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. The word is derived from Greek roots: tele = remote, and metron = measure.
-Source Wikipedia

In regular people speak Telemetry is implemented in your tech environment in the following ways.

It could be information logged on a managed firewall.

Or, it could be a small software agent that runs on your computers.

Or, it could be some other telemetry gathering application that runs on…

One of your computers,
in a data center,
or in the cloud.

With telemetry in place, information can be collected on your tech environment in real time, or near real-time depending on the need.

Data is king these days.

The better your environment is instrumented the more benefits your business will able to realize.

But why do I need Telemetry?

Well for starters.

With a properly instrumented environment - data and information can be accessed quickly to help resolve problems.

Most people think of Telemetry as useful for solving performance and reliability issues.

But, it’s also useful for compliance and security measures.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Without telemetry you’re running blind.

And that may be fine for now.

But when there’s a disturbance in the force.

When there’s a performance, compliance or security concern.

It may take a while to figure out what’s actually wrong.

Or worse.

You may never find out.

Instrument your tech.

You’ll be glad you did.