How I Work In The Cloud

In my line of work I’m constantly out and about.

Access to everything is paramount.

I thought I would share how I access data, email and files from everywhere.

Sometimes a perspective into how other people use the cloud can be helpful.

I have 2 businesses and use a different platform for each on purpose.

For Connections my IT company I use Microsoft Office 365.

For Rob Leon Limited I use Google G Suite.

First let’s look at computing devices.

I have (2) desktops, (1) laptop and (1) iPhone.

The computers all run Microsoft Windows 10 Professional.

Now for access I do the following.

Connections for Business

For email access I use the Outlook app on every device.

All company data is in SharePoint.

All of my primary work data is OneDrive.

To access all of the data I use the OneDrive app on all devices.

The rule of thumb I follow is basically this.

If the data is housed on Microsoft’s platform I access it using a Microsoft app.

It helps to keep things simple and avoids any 3rd party app weirdness.

Rob Leon Limited

For my side hustle I use Google G Suite.

I follow the same method.

If the data is housed on Google’s platform I use a Google app to access it.

This holds true no matter what the device is.

On mobile I use Microsoft or Google apps to access the respective data.

I don’t use IOS native apps to access email, files or data.

Here’s a shot of my phone screen just to give you an idea of how I organize my tiles.

  • All of my access apps are setup in rows.
  • Email is across the bottom.

Now I could do everything on one platform but I have clients that work in both Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Choosing one platform over another is driven by business need and preferences.

Working across 2 platforms allows me to try out new features and functions.

It helps me to be able to recommend the right solutions to clients.

Whether I’m in the office or not - I have access to everything.

I don’t use a VPN access to access any of my data since it’s all on cloud services.

I do use security practices like 2 Factor Authentication protect my access.

I’m also very careful on how I share data.

Thinking of going all in on cloud?

It’s easier than you think.

Once you make the move you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Happy cloud computing.