Outsourced IT - 101

So you’re thinking of outsourcing your IT.

And you want to learn more.

You’d like answers to questions like

What exactly is outsourced IT?

And more importantly…

What do I get?

Well, pull up a chair.

When you outsource your IT to an IT service provider you're looking for 2 things.

Management and Support.

The 2 core functions of IT.

Let’s look at them in reverse.


Support is what most people think about - when they think about IT.

Support with issues like…

I can’t get my email.
I can’t print.
I can’t get on the internet.

Let’s call it troubleshooting for short.

It's the troubleshooting needed to help get you back to work - as soon as possible.

Sadly, it’s the yardstick by which most IT is measured by.

So if your company gets good support - you’re halfway there.

Well, not quite.


This is the lesser known of the 2 core for functions of IT.

Management is all the rest of the stuff.

If you were to apply the 80/20 rule to IT.

Management is the 80%.

Management includes the following.

  • Proactive monitoring of your environment.
  • Writing and maintaining documentation.
  • Making sure your backups are running and good.
  • Keeping your environment protected.
  • Keeping your systems up and running.

But that’s not all…

Management also includes:

  • Planning, Budgeting, Design and Leadership.

All of these items combined fall under the umbrella of management.

There's a lot there.

It's where the real value lives in outsourcing your businesses IT.

Finding a company that provides great management and support can be challenge.

Still, understanding the basics of what to look for is important.

Most people judge their IT success based solely on support.

And as a result, they undervalue the management aspect.

When looking for an IT company ask about their support and their management practices.

Ask them how they provide these functions.

Ask them how they will deliver these functions specifically to your business.

Then sit back and listen to their responses.

Keeping your computers working is one thing.

Managing all of your IT is another.

Class dismissed.