The Curse Of Binge Talking

I’ve witnessed an excess of binge talking lately.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it to.

You’re in a conversation or meeting with a few people and one person just goes.

And goes…

Binge talking manifests in many ways.

Mouth before brain syndrome.

Sometimes it’s just someone struggling to get their point across.

It’s like they’re circling the wagons around an idea.

Around and around and around.

You can see people’s eyeballs glaze over as they try to be nice and listen.

The over explainer.

Some people tend to over explain things.

Jumping in and out of puddles of information.

Most not relevant to the point they're trying to make.

It’s like they’re trying to beat the other person into submission through over explanation.

I’ve noticed a rise in binge talking recently in personal conversations, work conversations and worst of all sales meetings.

Have you ever been in a sales meeting where the sales person won’t stop talking?

Buzz kill.

End the madness.

I’m putting this message out there in hopes that it will curtail the binge talking.

So how do you cure binge talking?


It requires some self awareness. 

It requires some conversational maturity.

And it requires some emotional intelligence.

But most of all.

It requires that you listen more than you talk.

And that is the hardest part for people master.

Listening more than you talk is a master skill.

There’s a difference between a speech and a conversation.

Final thoughts on binge talking.

So go ahead and binge watch your Netflix. 

Go ahead and binge watch on YouTube.

But if you want to get great at the conversational game.

If you want to be effective.

If you want to be a master communicator.

You’re going to have to put away the binge talking.