It's Time To Stop Binge Reading

I used to binge read leadership and management books.

I was trying to figure out how to to be successful.

I figured that if I read books from successful people it would help make me successful.

Surely, these successful people would share their formula for how they did it.

But they didn’t.

I read book after book, page after page, blog after blog searching for answers.

On my trek I’d find morsels of information.

Often incomplete thoughts that left me longing for more.

I felt dissolution.

I felt like giving up.

What started out as weeks and months turned into years.

Along the way I did make progress on my various activities I was working on.

But nowhere did I make the strides that I wanted to or felt that I should be making.

I started watching videos to see if that would help my quest.

Anything that could help show me the way.

But no luck there either.


I finally came to the realization that I just need to do something.

That I needed to take action.

For good or for bad.

No matter how sucky it would be.

I needed to take action.

The message here is this.

You need to take action!

If you read any great leadership or management book you’re reading about someone's actions.

If you hear someone’s success story the underlying message is that they took action.

The veiled message in all of these books is to take action.

We get so caught up in the perspective and insights that we miss the whole point.

Success comes through taking action.

Searching for answers in management books is not the answer.

Reading won’t get you to where you want to be.

It’s only one small piece of the puzzle.

Out of fear we put too much weight in knowledge and reading.

Of learning how others did “it” so that we don’t make a mistake.

Fear keeps us from doing.

It keeps us from action.

If you have worked hard.

If you have put in the time.

You will have the experience education and exposure to make things happen.

Success is not found in books.

Success is found when the book is closed.