Your Company's Pull Apart Culture

Pull apart rolls are delicious and fun.

They stick to your hands as you enjoy their sweet goodness.

A pull apart culture at your company is not a fun experience.

Your Pull Apart Culture.

A pull apart culture is where the staff at your company is actively working against you.

But you’re thinking…

Rob, there’s no way that can happen.

My employees aren’t pulling against me.


I have some news for you.

They are.

So let’s just say you are fortunate enough to recognize that this situation is happening in your company.

It actually happens in most companies on a pretty frequent basis.

People are individuals.

People want to do things their own way.

And people are generally selfish.

So it happens.

Now I’m going to throw the word aligned in here because it fits the best. 

My apologies for the cliché term.

With all these elements and behaviors working against you.

How do you get everyone aligned?

That is the golden question. 


Here are 3 things you can do to fix your pull up our culture and help keep it in check.


Be genuine.

Being the best version of yourself is key.

Being genuine does not mean this is who I am and everybody just have to deal with it.

Being genuine mean be something that is attractive and pleasing to be around.

When people refer to something is genuine it is because it is magnetic, friendly and approachable.

Lead by example.

Sounds obvious huh?

Leading by examples means different things to different people.

For the sake of this article leading by example means the following.

Sharing your experiences with your staff. 

The big things and the little things.

Sharing your successes and your failures.

Leading by example means teaching people.

It means involving others in your vision.

It means helping others to follow a process, or to practice a behavior.

And last but not least...

Don’t be a dick. 

I know that this is hard for a lot of people.

But you really have to check yourself in the mirror on a regular basis.

Ask yourself honestly.

Am I being a dick?

It can happen in many ways.

It can take shape in many behaviors.

It could be that Seagull management thing that you do.

It could be not listening to other people‘s input.

It could be not asking for other people’s input.

It could be forcing your way on people just because you’re the boss.

Employees are people too.

They have feelings.

Just because you pay them money does not mean they are your slaves.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself...

I don’t do that.

I’m fair and just.

Maybe you are.

Maybe you’re just not consistent.

Maybe sometimes you fall back into old behaviors.

It’s difficult to run a company.

It’s difficult to get everybody on the same page.

But getting everybody on the same page is how companies move forward.

It’s how companies grow.

It’s how companies succeed.

When growing your business it’s important to get everyone pulling together not pulling apart.

Those long no growth periods are where your pull apart culture is in full effect.

If you see periods of flatteness

It’s not the market. 

It’s your business. 

And it’s affecting your growth.

Make it better

Mark it better today. 

Obviously there are more than 3 things that you can do to keep your pull apart culture from pulling things apart.

But for now.

Let’s start with these 3.

Be Genuine.

Lead by example.

And last but not least.

Don’t be a dick.